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Editing and proofreading of an article is a professional type of service that we specialize in. Whenever you receive a task at your college which includes article editing and proofreading, this is the right time for contacting us. Editing and proofreading an article involves a systematic approach of determining strengths and weaknesses in a scholarly piece in order to evaluate the validity of research results.

How We Edit Your Article

An analysis of a scholarly text involves an assessment of data reliability, completeness of information, methods and procedures, conclusions, and compliance with ethical standards, among other aspects. This process is based on general principles of an evaluation of any piece of scientific research, at the same time, methodological criteria applied to various pieces may differ from each other. Criteria used to assess the reliability and relevance of a text remain variable and are not static. Of course, they should develop further in conjunction with the discovery of previously unexplored sources of errors inherent in various types of research.

How We Analyse Requirements

For many students, graduates and even young post-graduate scholars, it can be difficult to take into account all requirements and correctly write an analysis for an academic piece, which is something they need to do in order to proceed further in their academic career. Such tasks are required in colleges and universities as they demonstrate the analytical and critical thinking skills of students and graduates. Editing becomes a task for all who pursue higher education, regardless of field or subject area. The vast majority of students tend to think that the definition of article is something complicated. However, we came up with a simplified version: it is a scholarly editing and proofreading evaluated for consistency and authenticity of content, as well as compliance with general academic rules i.e. whether it is compliant with article APA format or a different type of format. However, such a simple procedure is connected with the subjective discretion towards the paper at hand. Therefore, it stipulates that you need to find out how to prepare a high-quality scholarly, and what aspects it has to include.

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Our existence as a company and article editing and proofreading service is explained by the number of students who constantly need support. They ask for help with editing and proofreading of the article which Content can complete in less than 24 hours. Our number of our clients is growing because there are ever more students who need help editing and proofreading an article, and scoring the best results. Whether you are tired, have no time because of other subjects, want to watch an interesting movie, go out with friends, or just simply don't know how to write an article, put your trust in Content Inquiry and stop worrying about your massive college workload.

Personal Assistant for Editing

Each student has their own story. Some of them come to us for article editing and proofreading service because they have no time for completing it themselves, others are not interested in the topic. Choosing the right priorities is a valuable skill. The perk to using Content Inquiry is that we are always here to depend on anytime--whether you prefer to visit your family, go out for a date or read a book instead of working on a theme you are not interested in, we’ve got you covered. In any case, we’ll never ask you to explain your reasons; we are happy to provide high quality and timely anonymous help.

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The professional, Englsih writers, have various editing backgrounds and work experience.

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Global Research Solution

What Solutions do you offer and how can they be availed?
Global Research Solution offers variety of academic and non academic Solutions that include Researching, Editing, Re-Editing, Copyediting, Proofreading, Formatting and Drafting. We are online solution provider and hence all the aforementioned solutions can be obtained online from our website.
To place order, go through the following steps:
- Get your requirements approved by the writers,
- Fill out an online order form and pay for the order to finalise it.
- Our writers work on your paper and send you drafts for preview.
- You provide the remarks on the previewed draft.
- We work on your remarks and finalise the paper for the final delivery.
The writers are from a qualified educational background possessing Masters, M. Phil, PhD, and higher degree.
Global Research Solution is an online solution provider. Hence, all the interactions are online.
Do you give guarantees? What kind of guarantees do you offer?
Yes, we do offer guarantees. For more detail, please visit Guarantees page.
The methods of payment are: PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, E-check, Visa Card and Master Card.
For the order with deadline of 24 hours, the cancellation has to be made within an hour. If the client fails to cancel on time as aforementioned and the paper is processed than the request will not be entertained. For the order with 8 to 30 days deadline, the order can be cancelled within 24 to 48 hours.
We own every lawful right to cancel order. We notify our customers prior of cancellation via email. The order may be terminated due to failure in making payment or if the writer is unable to meet the deadline.

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